Test Automation Tools

Selenium Webdriver/RC/IDE, WAPT, QTP, SOAPUI, Cucumber

These are just some of the tools we use to provide tailored and bespoke test automation solutions. Many are open source for an even more cost effective solution. Test automation should be scaleable, low maintenance and provide maximum benefit and minimal


QAbit Ltd

A Brief History

Founded in 2012, QAbit has produced testing solutions for a variety of organisations. Specialists in test automation, functional and performance testing. Every test solution implemented has seen success in quality, accuracy and efficiency since inception. We believe in pushing the boundaries by drawing on innovative testing techniques to support the different types of requirements to ensure quality and provide confidence.


QAbit specialise in pragmatic ways of working to support and integrate with the SDLC. Historical work has used techniques such as pair programming, unit test authoring, continuous integration, load and performance benchmarking at a unit level. Opportunities for rapid development and releases are always possible when testing works closely to development in a support capacity. We are used to working under Agile methodology and well rehearsed in authoring user stories, poker planning, sprints and estimation.



Technical Skills, Methodologies and Understanding

We possess a range of testing skills. Everything from lightweight test automation to complex data driven solutions embedded into continuous integration. QAbit has extensive demonstrable experience in automated regression test packs, automated smoke tests, black box and white box testing, performance testing (load and stress testing), API testing, mobile platform testing, cross browser testing, formal documentation (proposals, strategies, plans, scenarios and reports).

The Word Agile means 'Moving Quickly' and this explains the whole concept of Agile Testing. Testers have to adapt to rapid deployment cycles and changes in testing patterns

Agile testing involves from the customer perspective as early as possible, testing early and often as code becomes available. and stable enough from module/unit level testing.

Since working increments of the software are released often in agile software development, there is also a need to test often. This is commonly done by using automated acceptance testing to minimise the amount of manual labour involved. Undertaking only manual testing in agile development may result in either budy software or slipping schedules as it may not be possible to test the entire build manually before each release.

In Agile Testing, testers are no longer a form of Quality Police. Testing moves the project forward leading to new strategy called Test Driven Development. Testers provide information, feedback and suggestions rather than being last phase of defense.

Testing is no more a phase; it integrates closely with Development.

Continuous is the only way to ensure continuous progress.